Our mission is to connect the world of payments with the world of wellness, smoothly, efficiently and securely.


We recognized many years ago the challenge of connecting payment processing with management software in the fitness and wellness space.

BRIJPAY was created to connect any payment provider to any membership management platform.

Nathan Dennis

I am a sports scientist with an interest in technology which started with the family solar energy business in the UK in 1975, and my first computer in 1980, the Sinclair ZX81. With over 30 years experience in the Wellness industry, and 25 of those in software, and SaaS, with Mindbody and Perfect Gym I have worked with every major brand in the industry. Outside of work I herd 3 adult children, 14 peafowl, a few horses, a dog, a cat and Gloria the chicken, and when I have time,and can escape, I try to fit in a bit of skiing and mountain biking…

Ryan O’Dell

I’m an IT professional who has worked with numerous large corporations to provide connected services. I've been working to improve systems for the past 30 years and there are always new challenges to be seen. As part of my role in looking after technology at BRIJPAY, I help coordinate our future developments with clients and our development team. Being married for over 20 years and looking after 3 children (not so young anymore), I’m helping with sports and other family activities. I enjoy chilling with old driving shows, where I can’t get enough of the three fools, and watching movies or reading books.

Wayne Cohn

I moved to the UK 20 years ago from South Africa after graduating with a degree in Marketing management. In my early years I worked for two large IT distributors and learnt the ropes of selling IT hardware and software with Mac being my speciality. I then setup the EMEA sales London office division for Mindbody where I met Nathan. Nathan and I were both part of the wider team that saw Mindbody IPO which was an exciting time in our career. Fast forward a few years where I met my lovely Irish wife. Running the Mindbody team was rewarding and after hitting some career goals we decided to live in Berlin for two years with our two doggies Aubrey & Pinky, who is now sadly not with us anymore. We have since relocated to the Kent coast and enjoy playing tennis and the outdoors with lots of beach walks, music and eating out.