Bodyufit Case Study

Bodyufit, based in the British Virgin Islands are an exclusive fitness club providing exceptional services in a comfortable environment, where members feel motivated to exercise and are excited about the opportunity to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Challenge : Assist with migration from EZ Facility. Connecting BRIJPAY to  WooCommerce store and Mindbody management software, and local payment gateway –

Solution : Bodyufit opted for our BRIJPAY premium package which gave them a full WooCommerce online store, integrated payments and subscriptions with

Results : Bodyufit started with a pre-sale just before new year 2024 with an opening special offer before opening the full online store experience in the first week of January 2024.

Sale Data – 215 new sales since launching

New client data – 215 new client records created in Mindbody with full reporting